The Aramaic Sections of Ezra and Daniel: A Philological Commentary with Frequent References to Talmudic Aramaic Parallels and A Synopsis of the Regular Verb

EISBN 9780878201280

Isaac Jerusalmi

Auxiliary Materials for the Study of the Semitic Languages 7

This philological commentary offers students a gateway to knowledge of Aramaic language and comparative Semitics through study of the Aramaic sections of Ezra and Daniel. It has enabled generations of students to unlock, with less pain and increased incentive, the treasures of Jewish literature. Students can use it to study on their own, and it is equally effective as a textbook or supplement in the classroom, and can be completed in a semester. The commentary is an introduction to Aramaic dialectology, with the goal of building facility also in Rabbinic Aramaic, Rabbinic literature, and ultimately Talmud. It is appropriate for students with minimal Hebrew background, as it also reviews the basics of Hebrew grammar.