Article Posting Policy

Hebrew Union College Press is devoted to making the finest scholarship across the entire spectrum of Jewish Studies available to the widest possible audience. We have forged partnerships with JSTOR and ATLA Serials in order to offer our authors wide distribution of their work in print and digital media.

Academic publishing is a cooperative endeavor, requiring the resources of authors, editors, designers, printers, and administrators. We ask the cooperation of our authors in keeping our Press sustainable.

  • We welcome authors to share the PDFs of their articles via private correspondence, as one would have circulated an offprint in the days before digital publishing.
  • Posting PDFs on your institutional website,, or the equivalent compromises our ability to recoup the cost we have invested in publishing your work. As such, we kindly ask authors to refrain from posting in these venues.
  • We invite authors instead to provide visitors to their websites with a link to their articles in JSTOR. Many colleagues will have access through their home institutions. If they do not, content in the Hebrew Union College Annual and Studies in Bibliography and Booklore is available for free or at a low cost through JSTOR’s Register and Read and JPass programs.

We believe this policy is a good way to balance the desire to make scholarship as widely accessible as possible with the desire to remain sustainable so that we can continue to make great scholarship in Jewish Studies available well into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please direct them to Jason Kalman, Director. Hebrew Union College Press is a press for scholars, run by scholars who value the production and accessibility of great content, and we welcome your voice.