Reprint Permissions

Thank you for inquiring about procedures for granting permission to reprint materials copyrighted by Hebrew Union College Press. We prefer to handle all permission requests by mail. We ask that you submit a written request and that you allow at least three weeks for a reply. In order to receive your reply as promptly as possible, your permission request should include your complete mailing address as well as the following information about your publication:

  • The nature of your publication/project
  • The publisher/institution/organization with whom it is under contract
  • The number of copies to be printed
  • The approximate cost of each copy
  • The approximate date of publication
  • The format/edition of the publication: cloth, paper, audio or videocassette, DVD, CD, CD-ROM, eBook, etc.
  • Where you are requesting distribution rights: North America only, world, etc.
  • The language in which it will be published
  • Editions or supplements planned (e.g., Braille, large type, or other editions for the handicapped; transparencies, tapes, or other supplemental material to accompany publication that will make use of reprinted material

If your request is for permission to use material for a second time, please provide a photocopy of your original permission letter and/or the date the permission was originally granted. We also require the following information about our publication (whether it is in or out of print):

  • Title
  • Author
  • Year of publication
  • Page numbers on which material appears
  • Exact material to be reprinted: a precise description or photocopy of original pages and/or your manuscript pages

Often, we will ask the author for his/her approval for reprint requests. If you have already received approval from the author, please provide correspondence from him/her confirming this. Please keep in mind that the Press may charge a fee, based upon the above information, for permission granted. Your reply from us will specify the rights that Hebrew Union College Press will grant for reprinting the material requested.

Please address all inquiries to Hebrew Union College Press, 3101 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220,