Photocopy Permissions

Thank you for inquiring about procedures for granting permission to photocopy materials copyrighted by Hebrew Union College Press. We prefer to handle all requests by mail. We ask that you submit a written request and that you allow at least three weeks for reply. In order to receive your reply as promptly as possible, your permission request should include the following information about your photocopy use:

  • The specific class, course, or workshop for which the photocopies will be made
  • The name of the professor or instructor teaching the class, course, or workshop
  • The university, institution, or corporation at which the class, course, or workshop is being taught
  • The number of photocopies to be made
  • The semester or term and year in which the photocopies will be used

We also require the following information about the material you wish to photocopy (whether it is in print or out of print):

  • Title in which the material appears
  • Author or editor
  • Year of publication
  • Page numbers on which the material appears
  • Title of the chapter, poem, essay, or short story to be photocopied

Please keep in mind that the Press will charge a fee for permission granted.

Please address all inquiries to Hebrew Union College Press, 3101 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220,