Reform Judaism: Essays by Hebrew Union College Alumni

EISBN 9780878204687

Edited by Bernard J. Bamberger

The volume, which honors the vision of Isaac Mayer Wise, includes “Rethinking the Liberal Faith” by Levi A. Olan, “New Trends in Reform Jewish Thought” by Joshua Loth Liebman, “Reform Judaism and Prayer” by Solomon B. Freehof, “Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism as Seen by a Reform Rabbi” by Beryl D. Cohon, “The Religion of the Jewish Veteran” by Morris Lieberman, “Where Are Our Youth?” by Nathan Perilman, “Reform Judaism and Zionism I: A Zionist Interpretation” by Leon Fram, “Reform Judaism and Zionism II: A Non-Zionist Interpretation” by David H. Wice, “The Changing Functions of the Synagogue and the Rabbi” by Abraham J. Feldman, “Reform Jewish Practice by Jacob D. Schwarz, “What Has Liberal Judaism to Offer America?” by Emil Leipziger, and “Reform Judaism and World Jewry” by Max Reichler, as well as an introduction by Bernard J. Bamberger.