Intimate Glimpses of the Rabbi’s Career

EISBN 9780878201341

Henry Berkowitz

This series of five essays, published in 1921, offers insight into the tasks and difficulties confronting the rabbi in the roles of minister, teacher, and preacher. It also treats ethical problems that confront the rabbi, and offers an essay on the life of Isaac Mayer Wise. The collection aims to provide a guide for young rabbis, as well as sympathetic and helpful spirit of cooperation and understanding between pulpit and pew.

The insights offered here draw on the rich life experience of Henry Berkowitz who, during his successful career as a leader of congregations, especially the prominent congregation Rodeph Shalom of Philadelphia, has always stood in the closest relationship with his congregants, and who has become an eminent spiritual force in American Jewry. They reflect his force and originality in the pulpit, thanks to depth of learning and heartfelt sincerity as well as rhetoric, and they are consequently worthy of the best academician as well as broadly accessible.