An Innovative Collaboration in Jewish Studies

I am delighted to announce a new collaboration between the Hebrew Union College Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press to publish scholarly books and journals dealing with subjects across the entire spectrum of Jewish Studies, ancient to modern.

We at Hebrew Union College Press will focus our energies on selecting manuscripts for publication, peer review, manuscript development, and copy editing—strengthening and expanding on our long and distinguished history of publishing in Jewish Studies, which extends back to 1924. Our colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh Press will provide their production and marketing expertise to support this effort. Their distinctive reputation in poetry as well as Russian and East European studies will also help our collaborative work in Jewish Studies reach the widest possible audience. Both presses see the arrangement as more than merely a division of labor. It will be a truly collaborative effort.

This exciting collaboration will enable our presses to reach audiences neither has had as a consistent part of its intellectual purview in the past. This agreement is about something much greater than a business arrangement. Books are not simply vessels for information dissemination; books produce the fabric from which cultures are woven.

A press increases its potential impact on the marketplace of ideas by diversifying its subject holdings and by distributing its publications to increasingly diverse audiences. The heart of this collaboration is about that diversification and the desire of both of our presses to influence the world of ideas.

Among our early collaborative projects is In the Illuminated Dark: Selected Poems of Tuvia Ruebner, translated by Rachel Tzvia Back. The bilingual edition presents the first major English translation of this great Israeli poet, who turned 90 in January 2014.

I invite you to browse the Hebrew Union College Press list from our Books and Journals menus above and visit the University of Pittsburgh Press on the web. For easy access to updates on new projects, news, and events, please follow HUC Press and UPP on Facebook and HUC Press on Twitter or sign up for email updates at the bottom of this webpage.

David H. Aaron is Professor of Hebrew Bible & the History of Interpretation at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and serves as Director of Hebrew Union College Press.